How to Prevent and Cure Bleeding Gums?

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Teeth, especially the gums, is part of the body that we rarely notice. The presence of teeth and gums more often we notice when pain comes, especially inflammation caused by dental plaque. When inflammation occurs, the gums appear dark red, swollen and bleed easily. Too late?

What causes bleeding gums?

– The gathering of bacteria in the spaces between the gums and teeth
– Gums pregnant women and patients who take certain medications, it is easy to bleed.

What should be done on the gums bleed?

– Use a good toothbrush, and brush your teeth properly.
– If after a few days gums still bleed, maybe there are parts that have not been cleaned properly
– Dental Plaque can harden over times like a rock. Therefore, be diligent to the dentist and brushing your teeth regularly
– Avoid eating foods that contain many sugar.
– Drink a lot of water. Dry mouth has less oxygen and saliva making it the best place for bacterias to congregate.

What does a Doctor do?

– Cleans tartar and polishing the tooth surface until smooth. Includes attached tartar below the gums in the pocket.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to prevent and cure bleeding gums. I hope this could help you and you can do it.

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