Major Depressive Disorder: Symptoms and Effective Treatments

Major Depressive Disorder: Symptoms and Effective Treatments

Major depressive disorder doesn’t affect the individual, but those around. It is important for individuals who suffer from depression to recognize that they don’t must hide this condition nor think that they are suffering alone. In fact it is estimated that millions of individuals suffer from some kind of depression or another.

What is major depressive disorder?
Major depressive disorder is a kind of mental disorder that is characterized by low mood, low self-esteem, and loss of pleasure or interest in activities that were normally enjoyable.

Usually, major depressive disorder is triggered by extreme or highly traumatic events in the individual’s life or perhaps due to a few accumulated events over a time period. Additionally, this condition may also happen one time in a person’s life or perhaps a continuing part of the individual’s personal. In this event the depression is called recurrent depression.

Here are symptoms and effective treatments of Major Depressive Disorder

Here are the symptoms of major depressive disorder:

– Sleeping disorders Insomnia (conditions of sleeplessness) or Hypersomnia (conditions of over sleeping over twenty hours a day) everyday.
– Irritated, mournful and angry mood all day.
– Decreased interest in all the enjoyable activities.
– Illusions, patient may listen to sounds that a standard person does not. Inability to distinguish between reality and imagination.
– Suicidal thoughts start developing in your mind, suicidal attempts by patient.
– Inability to concentrate on even tiny things.

Effective treatments for major depressive disorder

Cognitive therapy. Some specialists think cognitive therapy to be the wave of the future in the treatment of major depressive disorder. Plenty of professionals who one time adopted only a behavioral therapy approach have switched over to cognitive therapy. It is much more personal than behavioral therapy and takes in to account the way a person thiks, perceives events, and interprets events.

Meditation and yoga. There are some meditation techniques using which you can basically beat depression for one time and all. Make yoga and meditation as a part of your method. Sparing 30 to 40 minutes for yoga every day is not a hard task.

Do not let negative thoughts to appear in your mind. Avoid them by keeping yourself stay busy or stay positive. Good luck bro!

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