Cure for gum disease is easy and cheap!

If people take care of the teeth, the dentist did not until the morning to work, to find a cure for this disease. The dentist says that 28 million people in the United States of advanced periodontitis or gum disease. In the spring of life, a number of these people lost and broken teeth because of this disease.

Based at the University of Washington Center for Research in Oral Biology, spending five billion dollars a year for dental purposes, it clearly shows that Americans are affected by this disease, but not fatal.

Search in electrical engineering and biochemistry, as well as medical and dental schools, include the fight against gum disease interdisciplinary. That is, the best way to get a healthy bite is still the traditional brush and floss regularly. Collagen is the tissue that connects the tooth to the bone.

99 percent of the microorganisms or insects are up to the plate. Therefore, an inflammation of the gums and causes the supporting structure below. Bacteria on the surface of the teeth grow and act as if the settlers proper brushing and flossing of the teeth is not practiced. The investigation continues and increases in public demand by a miracle because many people do not brush your teeth. But good news from Europe was a mouthwash that can prevent the accumulation of plaque by killing the bacteria.

After the dentist took part in the Second World War, when British bactericide chlorhexidine used to clean surgical instruments. In fact, he worked as a mouthwash, but still with a few drawbacks when applied by a Danish scientist. It was scary and exciting at the same time, the drug loses teeth in black after a while. It also causes a temporary loss of taste, he said.

These effects are not for a more serious problem than the structure of the molecule, which compared the possibility of developing cancer is. Latest news enough because the drugs have the same structure as it was safe for humans and animals for a long period. And yet the drug brings another problem. You can also clean the mouth.

Realistically, I think that sterilization and killing all bugs are possible in the mouth. You try, the insects that live in our digestive tract to kill. These insects help the digestion and metabolism are very important because the system of people and produce vitamin K.

Is this a good or bad effect, if we could have a drug that selectively kills bacteria in plaque-forming? Personally, I put my dollar in the bacteria evade the drug. In reality, people do not know, almost all diseases of the gums. Just brush your teeth only work if they do it. If you observe the proper brushing, the disease can be cured. I do not think the public really do something.


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