Three Odd Ways to Deal with Stress

God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress. (Kelly Clarkson)

Many ways you can do to deal with stress, ranging from yoga, eating chocolate, sleeping, and other strange things. Here are three odd ways to deal with stress, that you did not know before.

1. Body brushing
Rubbing the body with a dry brush to stimulate the nerves in the skin. This stimulation activates parasmatik system that can make a person feel so calm, according to Steelsmith, author of “Natural Choices for Women’s Health’; this stimulates the lymph nodes, which then carry the body’s cells are the smallest into the bloodstream. In the end, the cells are delivered into the liver for detoxification.

2. Dark places
According to Steelsmith, frequent exposure to light more than it should be able to adversely affect one’s health. The production of melatonin – the hormone that makes sleeping soundly, so decreases in the body when you sleep with the lights on. Lack of sleep can make people hard to cope with everyday problems, often experience stress and affect the immune system.

3. Jaw massage
Stress often affects a person’s emotions. When you feel stressed, your body – especially the jaw, become ‘tight’. Massaging the jaw area can help release the muscles and reduce stress. If you are under stress, which was in the jaw muscles (masseter, pterygoid and temporalis) will contract, causing headaches and other pain.

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