Why You Must Brush Your Baby’s Teeth?

Almost all children like sweet foods. Most of the parents let the children eat sweets, even though not actually good for teeth, because it can cause cavities.

The occurrence of cavities takes 1-2 years, whereas in milk teeth can be briefer. According to the study, nearly half of American children have cavities approximately 4 years of age.

Most cavities discovered during dental examinations. Cavities are found and treated early can reduces pain, and above all: save the tooth.

Cavities could be prevented with simple measures such as brushing teeth. Brushing your baby’s teeth will prevent cavities by 50 percent.

In addition, sweet and sticky foods should be reduced because it is more difficult to clean. Familiarize children to clean their teeth after eating sweet foods. At least rinse with water, including after the children drank the milk.

Here’s a video about how to guide the child to brush her own teeth.

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