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Diet for Gestational Diabetes while Pregnant

Hello, friends. Now we have discussed regarding management of diabetes and its different aspects, and first, we have discussed self-monitoring of blood glucose and how you should check your sugars levels and what are the normal ranges.

Now first important thing in a management of diabetes when your being diagnosed with high blood sugars in pregnancy, first important thing doctors tell you regarding your lifestyle management.

So you should do a proper dietary management and exercise. You should follow a proper exercise pattern. So in this article, we are going to mainly focus on important tips for diet and exercise during pregnancy and which you should follow and control, which will help to control sugar levels during pregnancy.

diet diabetes

Now let's discuss "diet for Gestational Diabetes while pregnant". First, we will discuss the dietary management. So in that, we will discuss some important tips. You should have small and frequent meals. As having small and frequent meals lead to a healthy weight gain and it also helps to control your blood sugar levels in normal range.

You should prefer fiber and protein rich food in your meals and especially as a mid morning and mid evening snack such as salad, fruits, buttermilk, nuts, etc. So these fiber and protein rich foods take the longer time to get digested and so your sugar level increases slowly. So prefer these fiber and protein rich foods in your regular diet. Then you can prefer light snacks which will not increase your sugar levels such as khakra plus sprouts, then rajgira, jowar or wheat puffs as your evening snack option.

In dry fruits, avoid dates, dry figs as they increase your sugar levels. Prefer these when your blood sugar level is on the lower side. That is less than 100 mg/dl. Otherwise, prefer other dry fruits. Then take a good combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers in your meals. So sources of complex carbohydrates are whole grains and cereals like dalia, brown rice. So you should prefer these complex carbohydrates. You can prefer wheat flax, muesli, oats, specially rolled oats as options for your breakfast.

Then sources of protein for not - vegetarians you can prefer eggs, chicken, and fish. For vegetarians, you can prefer milk and milk products, pulses, sprouts, nuts as protein sources.

Then sources of fiber include green salads, sprouts, fruits, green leafy vegetables. So you can prefer these options and control your sugar levels in normal range. Then you should take one cereal at a time in your meal as either chapati or bhakri or rice. Do not take two cereals at a time, like do not take wheat or chapati as well as rice or bhakri as well as rice in your meals. It will increase your sugar level. So take one cereal at a time. And with that take a good combination of proteins and fiber. If you are overweight or obese, then prefer low-fat foods such as low-fat or skimmed milk, egg white, chicken, fish, especially grilled or steamed form, then soy paneer in your diet.
So avoid high-fat foods, fried and oily spicy food in your diet because this will lead to healthy weight gain. Then you should prefer low glycemic foods in your diet. So you can refer to the chart given below. So the foods which are in the green zone, you should prefer them and foods which are in a red zone, you should avoid them. So you should follow the signal method. So you should avoid the red zone foods and prefer green zone foods.

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Now we have discussed dietary management. So during pregnancy, vigorous exercise is not allowed, but you should do regular exercise as per the advice of your gynecologist and prefer walking.

So walk for 15 -20 minutes at a time at least twice or thrice a day so that you can walk around 30-45 minutes in a whole day and you should divide that time. You should not walk at a stretch for 45 minutes, and you should not prefer doing any vigorous kind of exercises in pregnancy. But definitely, you can prefer walking and other exercises during pregnancy.


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