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Diabetes Mellitus (DM): Here's How to Prevent It

Richard K Bernstein is an expert doctor about diabetes and its complications, he is also the author of the book Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. For me, this book is interesting to learn because the author himself has type 1 diabetes mellitus, and he has been lived with that since 5 years old. Almost 65 years he uses insulin, and he's still healthy like a normal person.

One other thing that is more interesting to me is, what he said: “If I could, the other as well. I can live a normal life like everyone else, even I feel better than them, why do not you?”

Diabetes is a chronic disease, once we diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus (DM), it can be said that it will be like that forever. However, before getting there, this disease can be prevented. Well, some strategies below are simple ways to prevent it, and if you are a person with diabetes type 2, these will help control your blood sugar.

Turn off your TV, Move!

I deliberately put this as the first strategy. Besides, the study showed an increased risk of suffering from diabetes as the length we sat down in front of the television, the TV makes us lazy to move. Harvard doing research on 40,000 women who do walking for 30 minutes a day, and limit their time to watching TV less than 10 hours in one week, lowering the risk of diabetes by 43 percent. So, limit your time in front of the TV, move!

Lower your weight

About 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are those with excess weight. Overweight increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, 7 times, whereas obesity, reaching 20-40 times compared to those with normal weight. Therefore, lower your weight, loss of 5-10percent of body weight helps to lower your blood sugar levels.

DM in US
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Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits not only as a supplement but make them unimportant part of our menu. Besides that has complete nutritional content, including as a source of vitamins, minerals, vegetables, fruits contain lots of fiber. Fiber helps prevent fluctuations in blood sugar in the blood due to the slow process of absorption by the intestine. If it necessary eats vegetables first, then eat rice and other dishes.

Sweet drinks 

Eating habits with sweet drinks like coffee, soda, is a common thing we see today. Lunch without the sweet drinks whatever it seems strange. Many studies show the strong association between this habit with diabetes risk. As we know, these sweet drinks have high glycemic index. This means that your blood sugar levels soaring immediately after drinking it. Drinking 1 soda can also increase the risk of increasing weight. Therefore, put away the sweet drinks from the fridge and our table. Choose white water, less sugar tea, nonsugar coffee, lemon, or processed fruit juice by our own.

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Do not forget breakfast

Starting the morning with a healthy life and balanced diet is something that is important for our days. Breakfast was like the car with an empty tank, it should be filled if we wanted to use it. Contrary to the most people assumption that avoiding breakfast will lose weight and prevent diabetes mellitus, in fact, the risk is actually increased. Research shows that those who eat breakfast are at risk of overweight and insulin resistance is 35-50 percent lower than those who did not have breakfast.

I hope this article is useful for you. If you have any thoughts, please share your comments below.


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