I want to talk about how I feel about this fight with my illness call bipolar disorder. It's like you on a road. You don't know what's ahead but the thing is to keep going and keep moving forward. You have you up's and your downs and sometimes it happens all at once. With me, it's like when people joke and play with me I sometimes feel like they making me feel like I'm nothing.

But that how I was feeling when I was told this when I was seventeen years old. Now I'm 35. I was told by a doctor at the age of 25 that I will pass away due of my seizure and real bad chest pains. 30 came and went and here I'm 35 years old. Only God himself had this plan. When you go throw anything you must have God with you. I ask this when you have God with you who will be against you? You battle anything you do with how you live, the way you live and the way you live.

bpd god always be there

You have to be around people who will support you as you on your road to recovery. And when you get too tired to fight, sit down and rest. Let God and somebody else fight for you and with you. I have to understand that I'm not alone and God will always be there for me...Always. I am had one of my best years thanks to God, friends, and family and my treatment team. And I can't forget the community. People I have not heard from or seen in years have shown me love and I truly thank them for the love.

(by Johnson)


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