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'4 P' Secrets To a Faster Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth is the hope of all pregnant women. But usually, pregnant women facing their labor with the wrong attitude! This article tries to help pregnant women understand the aspects and the preparations that needed in order to face the labor. The ultimate goal of all labor is having a healthy baby, healthy mother, and the normal process.

So what are the secrets to having a natural birth? Of course, pregnant women, and readers can not wait to get the answer. Here are the secrets.

There are 3 P + 1 P is known to determine the labor process, namely : Power, Passage, Passenger, and Psych. All of these factors will be discussed one by one. 1. P for Power Power. In connection with the labor process, then known two kinds of power, the force of contraction of the uterus and maternal strength straining (when full opening). Uterine contractions will be more and more powerful, but the strength of uterine contractions are the strongest at the time of the placenta born. The strength of u…

Breast Cancer Prevention: Exercise and Food Recommendations

Sports have proven to make the body healthy and fit. Recently, the research also suggests that regular exercise may prevent strokes in women. Now, researchers back to reveal the huge benefits that can be obtained by exercising every day, such as avoidance of breast cancer.

Actually, the effect of exercise can be different and depending on the type of tumor and each person's health, but new research reveals that exercise and an active lifestyle can help a lot of women of all ages to prevent breast cancer. These results were obtained after examining 37 research investigators, as reported by HealthDay News.

"There are many studies linking sport with the risk of breast cancer. We are confident that our results are quite accurate," said a researcher, Mathieu Boniol, who comes from Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France.

The research was conducted by analyzing data from about four million women. When it was compared, women who have an active lifestyle and exercising ev…

Diabetes Mellitus (DM): Here's How to Prevent It

Richard K Bernstein is an expert doctor about diabetes and its complications, he is also the author of the book Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. For me, this book is interesting to learn because the author himself has type 1 diabetes mellitus, and he has been lived with that since 5 years old. Almost 65 years he uses insulin, and he's still healthy like a normal person.

One other thing that is more interesting to me is, what he said: “If I could, the other as well. I can live a normal life like everyone else, even I feel better than them, why do not you?”

Diabetes is a chronic disease, once we diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus (DM), it can be said that it will be like that forever. However, before getting there, this disease can be prevented. Well, some strategies below are simple ways to prevent it, and if you are a person with diabetes type 2, these will help control your blood sugar.

Turn off your TV, Move! I deliberately put this as the first strategy. Besides, the study s…

Military Diet: Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

I started something yesterday called the 3 days military diet to try and reboot my metabolism so far I've done well with all my wanting to eat and drink everything in sight. I'm on day 2 and it's not so bad tomorrow will be my challenge cause u don't get to eat very much but I think I can do it I would hate to crash my own diet that's only 3 days long. Lol. We will see how much I lose and how I feel and all the details :) my starting weight was 203 lbs please pray I can lose this weight.

Yup, the above statement disclosed from a friend who started doing a military diet.

The choice to lose weight fast is a global situation. Some people are inclined to go to extremes in their quest to shed some pounds. For instance, some people want to attempt a military diet to lose 10 Pounds in three days. The public agrees with that new recruits are put via this type of rigorous training throughout the first weeks within the army that they lose a ton of Pounds great fast. Well, in…

My Experience with Anorexia: There is No Magic Cure!

I publish my best friend experience who tried to treat her illness in the previous post. You can read a similar story right now: about anorexia. She's so inspiring!

For me, recovery started when I began opening up to others. At the beginning, I didn't want to get better because I taught that I was just fine! Then when realized my heart couldn't beat how it supposed to and my liver and kidneys not worked well and I had to feed a tube in my stomach I realized that I wasn't fine!

I wanted to get better on my own, but I just couldn’t do it. I needed other people to support me and help me say no to things that I couldn’t and keep me company I needed them to talk to about how scared and overwhelmed I felt and to pray for me and tell me that I'll be ok, even if I was fucked up.

So I started accepting treatment from professionals and there I met people who showed me that there was a life that was worth it to fighting for. U are not you're eating disorder; no matte…

My Experience with Bipolar Disorder: I'm Not Alone and God will Always be There for Me

I want to talk about how I feel about this fight with my illness call bipolar disorder. It's like you on a road. You don't know what's ahead but the thing is to keep going and keep moving forward. You have you up's and your downs and sometimes it happens all at once. With me, it's like when people joke and play with me I sometimes feel like they making me feel like I'm nothing.

But that how I was feeling when I was told this when I was seventeen years old. Now I'm 35. I was told by a doctor at the age of 25 that I will pass away due of my seizure and real bad chest pains. 30 came and went and here I'm 35 years old. Only God himself had this plan. When you go throw anything you must have God with you. I ask this when you have God with you who will be against you? You battle anything you do with how you live, the way you live and the way you live.

You have to be around people who will support you as you on your road to recovery. And when you get too tire…

How to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (ptsd) Without Medication

"Work on the building the new instead of fighting the old. Build the new and the old falls away." This is one of my ways to treat ptsd without medication.

This is true. We can't fix a problem by being and acting at the same energy level. We must rise above and look at it from a perspective of higher vibration.

This is an exercise I do to help me build the new instead of fighting the old:

1) On a piece of paper, create three columns with a line.

2) On the left side, write down all the things that are making you feel trapped in your current struggle, or a goal you can't seem to reach. It could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or something in your environment like social connections.

For example, "I can't seem to find the motivation to create this project I really want to do. What is making me feel trapped? I have a fear of this project failing. I don't know who will buy it."
Write down all the stuff that makes you feel unable to take action…