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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

The soldiers who had just returned from the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is sometimes haunted by a nightmare: his compatriots who died in the battlefield. It keeps repeating in his mind. This disorder is often called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The important thing to remember about post-traumatic stress disorder is that it generally affects the mind. First, this disorder is widely known after the Vietnam war. Post-traumatic stress disorder are also common in earthquake relief to victims of rape or abduction.

Often, PTSD, as understood, occurs when an individual's life has been threatened, or the life of someone close to him had been threatened. More than five million people are believed to suffer from this disorder.


Patients with this disorder may overstate the shock reaction, such as jumping as if hearing voices in the room. He becomes frustrated or she may be bored in work, relationships, or other things that used to be enjoyed. Symptoms can be very obvious when a traumatic event is celebrated every year.

This can cause a person to lose a job. It can destroy a marriage and other close relationships.

Although the story of the soldiers with PTSD more audible, real women are more likely to have this disorder. Also, there is evidence that there is a genetic predisposition to PTSD. PTSD to depression, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

It is interesting to note that a particular sound or smell can trigger a flashback for individuals who suffer from PTSD. That is one of the causes of this disease may be very stressful. Basically, people have difficulty escaping the memory of what had happened to him. Recurring nightmares and flashbacks are signs that a man or woman is unable to process the right memory.

Individuals suffering from PTSD may also feel a sense of depression. He felt the ordeal seems to be repeated, he may also find it difficult to return to a normal life, even though the memory was long gone.

However, it is important to recognize the fact that there is hope for those struggling with this disorder. Through psychological medicine and medicinal drugs, a person can find a way to properly process a nightmare. Trauma and flashbacks disappear sooner or later, as an individual receives a new chapter in his life.

Patients should be aware that there are no instant fixes.


Meanwhile, there are specific steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that you may be suffering from this disorder. If you have been a victim of a traumatic event, seek help immediately. Discuss the incident together with your family doctor and ask him for a referral to a therapist and psychiatrist. Do not wait until the signs and symptoms are out of control. Yes, the type of stress can actually be treated.

What is important for you to remember is that you are not alone, that there are a number of mental health professionals who are ready to help you. In addition, try to consider yourself as a subject, not as a victim. You might get yourself better able to cope with stress in that way.

Also, recognizing the fact that the incident, though traumatic, would soon end. Beautiful in time. You realize that you no longer possible to always be in a condition such horror. In this way, you will be able to put the incident into perspective. You must make sure that PTSD can be treated.

PTSD is over. Good luck.


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