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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

The soldiers who had just returned from the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is sometimes haunted by a nightmare: his compatriots who died in the battlefield. It keeps repeating in his mind. This disorder is often called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The important thing to remember about post-traumatic stress disorder is that it generally affects the mind. First, this disorder is widely known after the Vietnam war. Post-traumatic stress disorder are also common in earthquake relief to victims of rape or abduction.

Often, PTSD, as understood, occurs when an individual's life has been threatened, or the life of someone close to him had been threatened. More than five million people are believed to suffer from this disorder.

Patients with this disorder may overstate the shock reaction, such as jumping as if hearing voices in the room. He becomes frustrated or she may be bored in work, relationships, or other things that used to be enjoyed. Symptoms can be very obvious wh…

7 Surprising Facts About Stress That You Have Never Known Before

After discussing borderline personality disorder in the previous article. I will reveal the truth about the stress that you may have never known. The mind and body of humans are severely affected due to stress. Overall health and well-being are also extremely impacted due to stress. If we fail to manage stress, then it can simply increase the risk of mental and physical problems such as obesity, diabetes, illness, depressive and anxiety disorders.
Here are 7 Surprising & Interesting Facts About Stress 1. Health problems such as high blood pressure, chest pain, heart sickness, and an irregular heartbeat can occur due to too much stress. When stress starts to build up, humans do no longer take it too severely, that's why stress is likewise known as-as ‘silent killer'. Your frame will force itself to take a ruin, if you do not supply it a smash once in a while, even though a little strain is a superb thing.

2. The pupils dilate in situations which are highly stressful, and th…

A Guide to Spotting the Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder: Medication and Treatment

This blog often discussed this disease. Yup, Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. It is a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. In 1980, the Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition (DSM-III) listed BPD as an identifiable unhealthiness for the primary time. Most psychiatrists and different mental health professionals use the DSM to diagnose mental sicknesses.

Because some individuals with severe BPD have temporary psychotic episodes, specialists originally thought of this ill health as atypical, or borderline, versions of different mental disorders. Whereas psychological state specialists currently typically agree that the name "borderline temperament disorder" is deceptive, a lot of correct term doesn't exist nonetheless.

Most people WHO have BPD suffer from: - Issues with regulation emotions and thoughts
- Impulsive and reckless behavior
- Unstable relationships with others.
- People with this disor…