How to Prevent and Cure Bleeding Gums?

Teeth, especially the gums, is part of the body that we rarely notice. The presence of teeth and gums more often we notice when pain comes, especially inflammation caused by dental plaque. When inflammation occurs, the gums appear dark red, swollen and bleed easily. Too late? What causes bleeding gums? – The gathering of bacteria … Read moreHow to Prevent and Cure Bleeding Gums?

The Five Most Important Things To Know About the Symptoms of Appendicitis

There are 5 important things that must be known about the symptoms of appendicitis: 1. Beware if you often experience symptoms similar to heartburn, diarrhea continued despite given a drug. Immediately consult a doctor!2. To minimize complications after surgery, surgery can be performed with laparoscopy, besides producing a minimum of complications; length of stay is … Read moreThe Five Most Important Things To Know About the Symptoms of Appendicitis

Five Myths about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that’s very frightening for the women. Various myths become a scourge when looking for information about this disease. According to World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer each year claimed 519 people in the world. The exact cause is unclear until now. Numerous studies show early detection and the healthy lifestyle … Read moreFive Myths about Breast Cancer

Pregnant Women Must Examine the Teeth

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy can cause several problems. One of the most common is gingivitis. Gingivitis (gum inflammation) caused by the buildup of plaque that causes inflammation in the gums. Plaque that is not cleaned will save so much bacteria. Problems with other gums are gums bleed easily. If gingivitis is not treated, can … Read morePregnant Women Must Examine the Teeth